Stephanie Buckhanon Crowder

Womanist Momma. Biblical Scholar. Versatile Speaker. Prolific Author.

As mothers there are certain expectations and demands society places on us. This role sometimes poses challenges with our additional professional obligations. Yet, as a Momma, we dare not put anything or anyone before our children. We are not afraid risk it all for another hug, another kiss, or attendance at baby boy’s or baby girl’s events. We take extreme strides to salvage who we are as Momma.

...Sometimes the road is rocky and replete with lions and tigers and bears. There are moments when there is a clear, maternal path... Ours is a stentorian voice even in the stillest moments. It is a voice that will not give way to hatred or injustice. In a mother’s tongue is a child’s future, a community’s rallying cry, a nation's call to stand. The sacred, self, and society lend an ear and stir into action—when Momma speaks! 

-When Momma Speaks: The Bible and Motherhood From A        

 Womanist Perspective