January 14-17-- Presenter, DOC-UCC Global Ministries Latin American Theological Educators Consultation, San Jose, Costa Rica

March 6-8-- Participant, Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit,

Las Vegas, NV

April 8-- Guest Preacher, Jesus Week Celebration, Fellowship Baptist Church, Chicago, IL (virtual platform)

May 20, Womanist Wellness Wednesdays, The Well Church, Houston, TX (virtual platform)

July 13-17-- Participant, Center for Creative Leadership Executive Training Program, San Diego, CA (virtual platform)

August 6-- Guest Preacher, Weekly Chapel Service, Regional One Health, Memphis, TN (virtual platform)

August 13-- Panelist, #BlackScholarsMatter Forum, Society of Biblical Literature, Atlanta, GA  (virtual platform)

November 22--Guest Preacher, Pastor's Anniversary, Galewood UCC, Chicago, IL (virtual platform)


​February 13--Guest Preacher,  St. John's Episcopal Church, Los Angeles (virtual platform)

February 22--Guest Preacher, Black History Month Celebration, Phillips Theological Seminary, Tulsa, OK (virtual platform)

April 7--Panelist, Octavia Butler's World, Society for the Study of Black Religion Annual Meeting (virtual platform)

April 20-- Panelist, Motherhood and Reproductive Justice, UCC Just Witness (virtual platform)

May 8--Guest Preacher, Mother's Day, University Park Baptist Church, University Park, IL 

May 22--Guest Preacher, Northshore Faith Community Church, Gurnee, IL (virtual platform)

June 26--Guest Preacher, Women's Day, Beth Eden Baptist Church, Chicago, IL 

November 18--Keynote Speaker, Motherhood in the Academy, American Academy of Religion, Denver, CO

Stephanie Buckhanon Crowder

Womanist Momma. Biblical Scholar. Versatile Speaker. 


March 7--Guest Preacher, Women's Day Covenant Baptist UCC, Washington, DC (virtual platform) 

March 22--Panelist,

Eden Theological Seminary, Theological Educators Forum (virtual platform)

May 2--Preacher, Women's Day, Park Manor Christian Church, Chicago, IL (virtual platform)

September 23--Presenter, InTrust Center Board Meeting, Topic: Trends in Theological Education (virtual platform)

November 4--Podcast Guest, Center for Biblical Equality, Topic: When Momma Speaks

November 8--Presenter, Disciples of Christ Global Ministries U.S., Latin America, and Caribbean Theological Educators Forum (virtual platform)

November 11--Podcast Guest, AAR Mother Goddess and Motherhood Project, Topic: When Momma Speaks

December 8--Lecturer, New Testament Class, College of Holy Cross, Topic: When Momma Speaks (virtual platform)


April 5-- Keynote Speaker, Regional One Shalom Conference, Memphis, TN

July 20-24-- Bible Study Facilitator, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), General Assembly, Des Moines, IA

August 4-- Guest Preacher, Park Manor UCC, Chicago, IL

October 27-- Guest Preacher, Higher Education Sunday, Pilgrim Congregational Church, Oak Park, IL

October 23-24-- Workshop Leader, Women In Leadership Conference, Association of Theological Schools, Pittsburgh, PA

November 22-- Panelist, Masculinity and Mansplaining in Publishing, Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA

November 23-- Panelist, Motherhood As Sacrifice, Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA 

December 13-- Guest Preacher, Strong Finish Revival, Watts Chapel Baptist Church, Raleigh, NC